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Empower Your Workforce

Protect Their Health

A comprehensive worry-free solution for companies

We're right where you need us. Our clinics are conveniently located within your business, ensuring immediate care for your company's most valuable asset: the employees, the power behind keeping everything running seamlessly.

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Making occupational health accessible and affordable

health.drip recognizes that employers are facing an unsustainable burden in securing quality, accessible, and affordable occupational health care for their employees. Similarly, we understand that maintaining the health and wellness of a workforce is an economic imperative. We are here to bridge the gap.

Our services

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Medical Clinic*

Lab Testing



Medics with MD Oversight

Adavnced Practice Providers

24/7/365 Coverage

Audiology Testing

Laceration Repairs

IV Fluids

Medication Refills

Injury Care

Xrays / Radiology In-House

Urine Drug Screens


Saliva Alcohol

Influenza A & B


Quick send-out results

Tetanus (TDaP)




Bloodborne Pathogen

AED Training

Rapid Response Class

Infection Control

Contolling Major Bleeding

*24/7 Board Certified Physician oversight and on-call for telemedicine consults


health.drip advantage

Experience of Employee


Our team consists of seasoned professionals who bring many years of combined experience in occupational health, urgent care, and emergency medicine, ensuring evidence-based interventions and best practices.

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By focusing on preventive care, early interventions, and treatment health.drip can help businesses save on long-term healthcare costs, decrease transfers to outside facilities, and reduce lost workdays.

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Comprehensive Coverage

health.drip offers a broad spectrum of services catering to various aspects of occupational health, ensuring a holistic approach to employee well-being.

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Customizable Solutions

Every workplace is unique, and health.drip understands that. Our solutions are tailor-made to fit the specific needs of every business, regardless of its size or domain.

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Employee Education

We believe in empowering employees. Through our classes, employees receive valuable insights, resources, and training to understand and prioritize their health.

Transforming Occupational Health

Tailored to your business needs, our solutions range from in-house clinics and drug screenings to fully customizable all-inclusive plans. Plus, we've got you covered with wellness programs, injury care, and specialized training sessions. Let's work together for a healthier workforce!

health.drip's dedicated team delivers occupational health care services designed to expedite the return of injured workers and minimize the risk of re-injury. Beyond immediate care, we're committed to fortifying the overall health of your company's workforce, ensuring timely access to treatment, and significantly reducing lost time.

We always deliver more than expected.

Choosing health.drip is not just about addressing occupational health needs; it's about investing in the long-term well-being and productivity of your workforce. In today's competitive business landscape, a healthy employee is an asset, and with health.drip, you're choosing the best for your team.

At health.drip, we pride ourselves in seamlessly blending exceptional customer service with superior healthcare solutions. Simultaneously, we prioritize cost-effectiveness, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled care within budgetary confines.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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“HealthDrip is a fantastic, efficient, accommodating and knowledgeable service that really helped my sets stay safe and up to code. They also were incredible about helping me work with various budgets and always were available to answer any and all of my questions while also providing professional and friendly service.”

-Wojtek Stypko

Executive Producer

“While many medical providers can offer the same services, what the other providers don’t offer is a similar level of friendly customer service. HealthDrip has always provided top class service for me and my employees and gone the extra mile to care for our needs. Their team can be flexible and adapt to our constantly changing needs. The comfort I get knowing HealthDrip is one step ahead has made me a repeat customer for years.”

-John Rains

Executive Producer

“I have been working professionally in the film industry for 5 years and I have been working with HealthDrip and using their services since 2020. Since first meeting and working with them, they will always be the first company I call when I have an upcoming project. There is no other company or people I trust more with my crew’s safety."

-Logan T.W. Green

Production Coordinator




Empower Your Workforce

Protect Their Health

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